2216 PVIP

IP video intercom with facial recognition

Electronic doorman with facial recognition and built-in camera for video calls that’s perfect for apartment complexes, used exclusively in the SVIP 2000 system.

High-precision facial recognition

The PVIP 2216 quickly performs user facial recognition and allows access, in a way that’s convenient and safe. Its facial reading is highly precise and takes only up to 0.2 seconds.

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Perfect for outdoor and indoor environments

Rain, sun, and dust resistant, the PVIP 2216 is ideal for all environments.

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Built-in camera

Ideal for video communication, the PVIP 2216 features a built-in camera for video calls and monitoring.

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SVIP 2000 app for residents

An app so that residents may answer video calls and allow access to the apartment complex via smartphone from wherever they are.

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Exclusive to the SVIP 2000 system

Apartment complex autonomy and security in the palm of your hands, the SVIP 2000 is a complete video interphony system with facial recognition, an app for residents, connections between apartments and much more.

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