TVIP 2221

IP video terminal

The TVIP 2221 allows you to conduct calls, grant access to the apartment complex, and monitor cameras, all with a simple screen tap.

Interphonia with video

Increased security for your apartment complex, see your visits before granting access.

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Camera monitoring

Monitor the cameras of the common areas of the apartment complex such as the garage, the playground, and the concierge, all from inside your apartment.

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Simultaneous calls on TVIP 2221 and the Intelbras SVIP app

Receive calls from visitors even when away from the apartment complex. With the TVIP 2221 it is possible to answer video calls through the SVIP Intelbras app.

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Photo, audio, and video recording for missed guests

The system records a photo of the guest whenever a call is left unanswered, and also allows the recording of audio and video messages so that the resident may identify who called them in their absence.

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Audio call between apartments

Free calls between the complex’s apartments for added security and convenience.

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Exclusive to the SVIP 2000 system

Apartment complex autonomy and security in the palm of your hands, the SVIP 2000 is a complete video interphony system with facial recognition, an app for residents, connections between apartments and much more.

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