XB 1223

Lead-Acid 12 V Battery

The XB 1223 is a lead-acid battery regulated by a rechargeable, maintenance-free, leak-protected VRLA sealed valve.

Full charge for your security system

The XB 1223 is a VRLA sealed valve regulated lead-acid rechargeable, maintenance free, leak protected lead acid battery.

Quality assurance

Developed for general use, the XB 1223 has a useful life of up to 5 years in a floating regime and is suitable for use in security systems.

Intelbras complete solutions

Intelbras is the only brand on the market that offers both electronic security equipment and the batteries that work together with them.

Responsible disposal

Batteries are part of the reverse logistics process and must be returned to the Intelbras technical support network to be recycled.

Where can it be used?