IDL 521

Loop isolator

The isolator offers the loop short-circuit protection shutting off the loop section where it occurred, ensuring everything continues to work throughout the...

Increased security

The IDL 521* insures short-circuit protection for the loop, isolating the area of defect. It minimizes compromising the system until it has been repaired.

*Compatible with addressable panels: CIE 1125/1250/2500.

Fault indicator LED and auto restart

Loop isolator IDL 520 has a fault indicator LED. In case of fault, the device will notify you by turning on a red LED light. If this LED is off, the product is functioning but on stand-by. After repairing the short circuit, it automatically restarts, thus not creating the need for a restart through the control panel.

It does not occupy a loop address

The IDL 521 doesn’t occupy a loop address, meaning, once the loop isolator has been installed, the number of addresses in the loop remains the same, not reducing system sizing.