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Micro-control center for wired and wireless telephony

The Modular e+ microcenter is designed with high technology to ensure maximum quality in the expansion of communication.

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Conecta+ and Modulare+ telephony microcentrals are designed with high technology to guarantee maximum quality in expansion or professionalization of communication. Equipped with modern processors, capable of running all facilities quickly and reliably, they are ideal for micro and small businesses. Everything you expect from a central office and more.


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More innovation, technology and possibilities for your communication. With DECT wireless technology throughan accessory board, it is possible to expand the capacity of control panels to 5 more wireless extensions.¹ 
» Modulare + : Maximum capacity of 4 lines, 12 extensions and 5 wireless extensions
» Conecta + : Maximum capacity of 2 lines, 8 extensions and 5 wireless extensions

¹ Through a wireless extension card (DECT)


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With functions as automatic line selection, economical extension and block receiving collect calls, it is possible to reduce the telephone bill. The possibility of expanding a number of wireless extensions reduces investments in infrastructure as channels, wires, connectors and telephone points.

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In addition to all facilities already known inmicrocentrals Conecta e Modulare i,leaders in the micro-center segment, we still find:
» Automatic and built-in caller ID: no card or programming required
» Automatic line selection and built-in communication
» Firmware update via flash drive
» Enhanced DISA automatic service
» Sending DISA messages via flash drive
» External follow me

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Quick software installation

The installer makes all settings through the software in an intuitive interface. Much quicker and easier.

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It offers detailed call reporting when customer does solicitates. 

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Expand business

Suitable for offices, offices, schools, small businesses and micro companies that want to expand their capacity, professionalize communication, reduce call costs or find alternative ways to dispose phones. It can be installed on a table, wall (with a fixing kit) or rack tray.