IAD 100

Multi-platform access system

The IAD 100 is a cross-platform access system that allows the use of IP, analog and cellular communications on the same device

IAD 100

Multifunctional, it also allows connection of an analogic extension, IP extensions and fax. In addition to these functions, it can be used as a Wi-Fi and wired internet router.

Integrated and complete communication

With all necessary technologies for communication, IAD 100 eliminates the necessity to purchase multiple isolated equipment and allows you to use only one device to integrate communication in any environment.

Analog and IP compatibility

It allows up to 9 simultaneous calls, it has 1 interface for analogic line and 1 interface for an analog extension. It also provides 32 connections for IP extensions and 32 IP trunks for connection to other IADs, increasing service capacity.

Guaranteed connection

With IAD 100, it is possible to use the fastest mobile internet technology on the market through a 4G LTE interface. It routes calls and internet through 4 wired interfaces and because it works as a Wi-Fi router, it transmits signal to the entire environment.