BT 4000

Opening trigger for infrared sensor

Help to release outbound ports in locations where user IDENTIFICATION does not need to be registered by the system

Liberates access with a single move, without touching a button

It has an infrared opening sensor that allows manual access in front of the product without finger contact with the button.

LED colors indicate is the port is open or closed

It is more practical with a blocking signal and releasing LED accesses. When the color changes you can instantly see if the door is open or closed.

Consider more flexibility in installation

BT 4000 driver is compatible with 4x2 boxes and can also be built-in masonry or wooden walls. It's convenience combined with quality for you.

Aesthetics and durability united in one product

Frame with stainless steel finish. Its security system, besides all advantages in access control, has a better look and it last longer.

Where can it be used?