IVP 9000 MW

Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

Suitable for semi-open areas, the IVP 9000 MW offers high technology and precision in intrusion detection.
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High detection technology

Two sensors with PIR QUAD and microwave technology ensure greater accuracy in detection.

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Protected electrical circuit

To ensure the integrity of the electrical circuit, the wire configurations and connectors are on the back of the sensor.

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Sensitivity adjustment and temperature compensation

With intelligent analysis, the device adapts to the installation environment through automatic sensitivity adjustment and temperature compensation.

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Detection in the crawl zone

With a range of 18 meters and an opening angle of 90°, the sensor is also able to detect the crawl zone just below the installation point.

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    Manual - IVP 9000 MW 18/11/2022
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    Ficha técnica - IVP 9000 MW 25/10/2022