VB 1016 WP

Power Balun 16 channel Balun

With resolution up to FULL HD, bidirectional function and compatible with HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD and analog (CHBS) technologies
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Maximum performance camera

Streams video and power for 300m in HD (720p), 200 m in Full HD (1080p), in HDCVI video protocol.

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With great finish and quality

It has power supply (bivolt) to transmit energy (power) and video and data signal over a single cable.

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Cost-effective with 4x1 function

Through the 4x1 function, it is possible to transmit video signal for up to 4 cameras with just 1 network cable.

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More convenience with the Bidirectional function

Video and data transmission over a single cable. The data signal allows accessing the OSD Menu of the cameras, audio and speed dome PTZ control. 

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Ideal for use in future IP CCTV systems

Uses the same infrastructure via UTP network cable and has permeable fuse, LEDs and status indicators operation of cameras.