FR 620

Push & Pull Digital Lock

Differentiated design and push opening & pull, with password access or approach keychain. Practice and safe!

Versatility in access

Use it with up to 100 proximity tags or stickers and up to 4 passwords. Comes with 3 tags to stick behind your smartphone or wherever you want.

Push & Pull technology closer to your day to day

It is easy to open or close doors with FR 620 through an innovative design with that doesn’t need doorknobs. Just pull or push handles of the device.

Indicative alert

Innovative technology for self-locking system. With LED indicator, you can know if the lock is locked, free or if access failed.

Battery power

Powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries with an average duration of 1 year (up to 10 daily accesses). FR 620 signals battery status by indicator LED.

Where can it be used?