KPSD 1120 E


The KPSD 1120 E is designed to operate on EPON networks in the IEEE 802.3ah standard, supporting transfer rates of 1,250 symmetrical Mbps.




The KPSD 1120 E was designed to operate on EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network) networks, in the IEEE 802.3ah standard, supporting symmetric 1,250 Mbps transfer rates. It is fully compatible with OLT 4840 E Intelbras, making high performance solutions possible at a low cost.



International standard connector


The KPSD 1120 E has a standard SFP SC / PC connector, the most used model for fiber optic connection, in addition to taking up less space on the equipment.


High traffic speed


There are 1.25 symmetric Gbps available for traffic of customer information both from the OLT to the UN and from the UN to the OLT.



Simple and quick installation


No configuration (Plug & Play), just connect and use! In addition, it has hot swap technology, which allows inserting and removing modules with the OLT in full operation.