EFB 1201

UPS [No-Break] Power Supply 12 V 1 A

The UPS no-break power supply keeps your equipment powered on even in case of power failure, offering autonomy and protection.

Multi-purpose Power Supply

The EFB 1201 addresses scenarios of CFTV, networking, access control, IP phones, automation and other products that operate on 12 V 1 A.

DC start function

The UPS [no-break] power supply automatically switches on and powers the connected equipment even in the absence of power.¹


¹ As long as the battery is charged.

Compact and practical

With compact design, flame retardant material, and plug & play installation, the EFB 1201 is easy to install and meets the needs of scenarios with limited space.

Full protection against network variation

Protect your equipment against short-circuit, overload, and overvoltage, with reliability and less chance of system failure.

Lithium battery included

The accompanying lithium battery is compact and efficient. In addition, the intelligent charging system gives it a longer service life.

Where can it be used?