USB-C Cable for Lightning

USB-C cable for Lightning, EUCL 12PB, allows connection of devices for power supply and data transfer.

Original Apple Connector

Ensure Apple devices¹ function without risk of failure after system updates, and have protection against overload and surge.

¹ Apple, iPad, iPod, iPhone and Lightning are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.

Fast charging with Power Delivery

Use the Lightning cable with a USB-C compatible 18W or higher Power Delivery source and charge up to 50% of your iPhone in 30 minutes.

² Speed may vary depending on the power source and device used.

1.5 m long cable

The 1.5 m cable provides more convenience to connect your devices, and freedom of use, even away from the socket.

Rubber coating

The EUCL 12PB cable is produced with a rubber coating (PVC), ensuring greater resistance and durability of the product.

Where can it be used?