VEX 1050 USB G2

USB Extensor (video and audio)

Transmit equipment data signal over distances greater than 10 meters, easily and robustly on the premises.

Facility in facilities over long distances

With it, you can transmit data signal (USB) over distances of more than 10 meters, offering ease and robustness in the installations.

Quality in data signal transmission

The equipment offers data signal transmission (USB), allowing you to explore every detail the way you need it.

Your domestic or commercial needs met

Versatile, it is possible to install it in several applications: flash drives, external HDs, mice, keyboards, printers and equipment that have a USB port.

Maximum range for long-distance connection

Point-to-point connection and installation with network cable at a distance of 50 m on Cat6 cable and 40 m on Cat5e cable, it sends the video signal further.

Its most protected and durable equipment

With a plastic case, prevent damage to the data signal with the additional voltage surge protection circuit. Designed for indoor environments.