DWL 7806

Video Wall Decoder

Decoder for Video Wall applications that allows displaying up to 128 channels in a 6-screen format
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More freedom to configure the layout

Compatible with 4K resolution, the decoder allows you to view up to 128 channels on six Video Wall screens or display up to 36 cameras per screen.

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You choose the configuration

You can use the combination of decoder and Video Wall to zoom, merge, drag or overlay each channel as you prefer.

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Economical for your project

The decoder is practical, efficient, and brings economy to Video Wall projects, avoiding investments in high processing equipment.

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Efficiency for all your needs

Suitable for industrial, airport, and retail applications. Also, use Defense IA* software for maximum performance. 

*Defense IA software is suitable for the management of resources, technologies, and intelligence of any Intelbras CCTV and IP CCTV system.

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Learn about the main installation diagrams

Check the installation diagrams for the Intelbras decoder line and design the project according to your needs.