GW 208 O

Voice Gateway

The GW 208 O IP voice gateway enables the organization of telephone line answering and offers more audio quality for your calls.

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IP voice gateway GW 208 O makes it possible to organize service on telephone lines and offers more audio quality for your calls. GW 208 O has 8 FXO ports for connecting analog lines.



Flexibility to control service


GW 208 O makes routing and handling telephone calls more flexible, offering your business more organization in service, with rules determined by you. With it, you have much more savings, always using routes with the best tariff.




Quality calls


GW 208 O voice gateway has Voice Activity Detection (VAD), Comfort Noise Generation (GNC) and Echo Cancellation that offer more quality in audio calls, avoiding echo and noise during the conversation.




High performance and agility


GW 208 O has support for VLAN and QoS, which increases performance of internet network, and SNMP (network monitoring protocol), which helps to identify possible network problems and enables immediate action.