TS 9160

Wireless Digital Audio Conference

The digital wireless audio conference device has a discreet and functional design and several functions that optimize the audio of conversations.

Quality in data signal transmission




TS 9160 offers much more convenience for any meeting. It is a easy-to-use digital wireless audio conference device, with a discreet and functional design and several features that optimize conversation audios.



DECT 6.0 Digital technology


It decreases interference from other equipment, providing better audio quality.. 



More mobility


Place the handset anywhere on the conference table for your best convenience *.

* In order for the microphone not to lose quality in voice pickup while using the product, callers must be at a distance of up to 9,84 ft from the device.



No noise


With the technology of noise reduction, TS 9160 identifies ambient sound and automatically lowers its pickup to makeparticipants conversation sharper. 



It eliminates echo


echo é indispensável em uma conversa.it is indispensable in a conversation. It promotes better interaction between participants, since speakers do not hear the return of their own voices on the phone. 



Full duplex


All meeting participants can speak and hear clearly and at the same time. 



More privacy


When activating Mute function, whoever is on the other end of the line does not hear what you are saying.



Also use on it IP line


TS 9160 makes VoIP calls through an ATA converter.