XAS Smart

Wireless Magnetic Openning Sensor

Magnetic opening sensors can be used on glass and wood doors and windows to identify intrusions and break-ins

Dual modulation sensor

With two modulations, the XAS SMART sensor can be programmed in OOK for communication with several alarm panels or programmed in FSK, thus enabling SMART function for supervision, low battery identification and opening and closing transmission for Intelbras panels.

Active sensor even in larger spans

With GAP opening between sensor and magnet of 37 mm and closing of 27 mm, the XAS SMART sensor is perfect for installations where the distance between jambs and the windows or doors is greater, avoiding false shots in case of vibration

Design in discrete and harmonic colors with the environment

Black and white colors blend more easily with any environment and decor, offering elegance and discretion

Easy to install

Wireless technology simplifies and makes installation easy as it does not require the use of wired connections

Long-lasting battery

With long battery life and economical consumption, XAS SMART sensor also has level transmission for low battery identification

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