iNVD 1016

16-channel smart digital network video recorder

Evolve and improve your CCTV performance with iNVD 1016: Smart facial recognition, 16 IP channels and much more.
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Real-time embedded facial recognition

Instant face comparison with database images. It is also possible to enlarge the number of channels using cameras with Face Detection ¹.

¹ Refer to the manual and camera models with the Face Detection function available.


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High resolution for detail-rich images

Visualize, record and have all the details of the scene in resolution up to 4K.

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The product has 10 databases, being able to register information such as name, gender, age, nationality, address and identification of each face.

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Largest storage capacity on the market

iNVD has space for the use of HDs specially designed for security, ensuring greater storage and more support for videos and files.