NVD 3308 P

Digital network video recorder

Specially developed for IP security projects, the NVD 3308 IP is a video recorder for up to 08 cameras.
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3000 Series: robustness

Renowned for its reliability, the 3000 series guarantees security and robustness with equipment that delivers the highest image quality.

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08 PoE ports

Its 08 PoE ports transmit power to the cameras, simplifying installation and reducing infrastructure investments.

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Intelligent detection

Connected to the embedded intelligence of IP CCTV, the NVD 3308 P receives events from each camera and guarantees video recording with full quality, managing projects on all channels.

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High resolution for the best projects

The NVD 3308 P supports cameras with 4K images¹, the most sophisticated resolution technology. Precise scene details and superior clarity are the essential differentiators for large projects.

¹ See the manual for more information about compatibility.

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Compatible with H.265+ technology

By supporting H.265 technology, the NVD 3308 P recorder can use less bandwidth and less space, bringing more economy for image storage.

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Compliant with LGPD standards

To keep all your data secure, the NVD 3308 P recorder features audio and video cryptography with the most advanced standards on the market.